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Breast Revision Surgery

Breast revision surgery in Chicago

Just as there are many reasons women choose breast augmentation, there are myriad reasons patients seek out a skilled surgeon to revise or reverse the process. When patients in Chicago and surrounding communities decide that implants did not meet their expectations, or when an initial surgery led to serious complications, many choose Dr. Marco Ellis to perform breast revision.

Second Thoughts

After breast augmentation, some patients are disappointed with the look and feel of the final result. They may choose to “swap” implants for a different size, or choose a different type of saline or silicone gel implant.

Other women choose to remove but not replace implants. When implants are removed, the pocket that held the implant must be refilled with natural tissue to restore a pleasing shape. This involves a procedure that is similar to breast lift. The skill of your surgeon is especially important in cases in which large implants are removed: The skin may have a stretched look, and the breasts may appear to sag or have a deflated appearance. Efficient tightening of the skin and precise placement of tissue to refill the area are critical. If you select smaller implants, the area surrounding the new implant will need to be tightened as well, and skin may need to be lifted.

Health Complications

Sometimes the decision to remove implants is not based on aesthetic preference, but performed for medically-necessary reasons. A patient may have a health condition, such as an autoimmune disease, that may be aggravated by the presence of implants. Other times implants have lost integrity, drifted or even damaged surrounding tissue. Capsular contracture, for example, develops when scar tissue forms around an implant. With this condition, patients feel pain and notice a hardening of breast tissue. This type of scarring can also cause an implant to rupture.

Symmastia is a condition in which migration of the implants or improper positioning makes it look like the breasts are joined in the middle of the chest. Drifting or incorrect surgical placement can also make breasts look asymmetrical. In other cases, the outline of implants becomes visible on the surface, and may even give the skin a “rippling” appearance. The most serious cases involve rupture of the implant. 

Whatever the reason for breast revision, Dr. Ellis is skilled in removing or changing implants with safe surgical options that will improve your quality of life. He is also experienced in performing concurrent procedures during implant removal, such as lifting the breasts on the chest and even adjusting the angle of the nipple and compressing the size of the areola.

To learn more about breast revision options, schedule your personal consultation with experienced Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Ellis today.