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Chin Surgery in Chicago

Chin surgery in Chicago

While the chin represents only 10 percent of the face by area, it can drastically affect a person’s appearance. Chin surgery, also known as genioplasty, can range from reconstructive procedures that reposition the chin bone to simple office-based procedures to minimize asymmetry. Dr. Marco Ellis has years of experience performing chin surgery both as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures (e.g., neck liposuction, rhinoplasty, face lift).

When Is Chin Surgery Necessary?

The most common indication for chin surgery is microgenia, a chin point that is relatively short for the face and has little projection. Most men with this problem camouflage their smaller chin by growing a beard, which simulates fullness.

Surgery can also be customized for patients who have severe asymmetry of the chin point or an overly prominent chin (macrogenia). Dr. Ellis’ goal is to provide a customized solution to address the patient’s unique concerns. He and his staff will guide you through the consultation, planning, surgery and recovery phase.

What Happens During the Preoperative Evaluation?

Preoperative evaluation includes consolidating any history of dental or oral surgical procedures. Patients then undergo a 3D evaluation with simulation to learn their exact expectations. Recommendations vary based on the amount of change desired.

How Is Chin Surgery Performed?

The procedure can be as simple as use of a filler or fat transfer. Once the degree of change approaches 1/8” (3-4mm), surgery may be required to add an implant or formally reposition the chin bone into a more prominent position. Incisions are hidden either underneath the chin or inside the lower lip. Recovery, on average, takes one to two weeks with the occasional use of pain medication.

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