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Scalp Reconstruction in Chicago

Scalp reconstruction in Chicago One of Dr. Marco Ellis’ areas of expertise is reconstruction of the scalp. The board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon has published extensively on innovative solutions to reconstruct wounds and improve scalp appearance. He collaborates frequently with the Department of Neurosurgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, treating patients with complex brain tumors and aneurysms. In many circumstances, these patients require multiple craniotomy procedures and additional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Patients can develop wounds or areas of slow healing that persist despite the usage of antibiotics and ointments.

Scalp Reconstruction Techniques

Surgical solutions may be necessary to achieve a stable appearance. Some examples include utilizing the inherent laxity of the scalp to close wounds. An extra, remote incision in the scalp can also be incorporated to rearrange the skin and permit speedy wound healing. Dr. Ellis also has extensive experience performing microsurgery, whereby distant skin or muscle is harvested and transplanted to the scalp. This procedure is frequently reserved for patients who have experienced failed attempts at wound reconstruction and whose scalps can no longer be easily rearranged.

Dr. Ellis’ expertise extends to patients who develop contour deformities, skin changes or alopecia. After craniotomy, some patients can develop hollowed out areas in the temple. In addition, the scalp skin can progressively thin and the plates and screws used for bone healing can protrude. There are simple outpatient procedures that can be performed to minimize or camouflage these bothersome problems.

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