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Craniofacial Surgery in Chicago

The field of craniofacial surgery collectively encompasses diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the skull and facial skeleton. It is frequently associated with deformities frequently seen in infants and children, such as skull shape abnormalities and underdeveloped facial bones. The field is not limited to pediatrics; adolescents and adults can also be affected, whether it’s through manifestations of these pediatric abnormalities or deformities that have been acquired by infection, trauma or cancer.

At Dr. Marco Ellis’ office at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the trusted reconstructive surgeon provides comprehensive care and collaborates frequently with specialists from departments of neurosurgery, otolaryngology, oral surgery, speech therapy/pathology and anaplastology. Multidisciplinary care is a new standard that ensures treatment of any deformities in a holistic fashion.

Craniofacial Surgery Candidates

Dr. Ellis’ practice focuses on adults. Diagnoses include but are not limited to:

  • Pediatric deformities (e.g., plagiocephaly, craniofacial microsomia, cleft lip/palate, synostosis, Treacher Collins, Parry Romberg’s)
  • Deformities after craniotomy or cranioplasty, orbit surgery, nasal surgery or jaw surgery

More about Craniofacial Surgery with Dr. Ellis

Most patients will require examination and cross-sectional imaging (CT/ MRI) to help with planning. Care is customized to restore function, form and symmetry. In many cases, surgery requires camouflaged incisions to permit access to the facial skeleton to manipulate the bony anatomy. Thin plates and screws are frequently required to maintain position and improve bony healing. Dr. Ellis also treats patients who have undergone previous surgery and require revision to improve appearance.

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