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Breast Revision & Implant Correction Surgery in Chicago

Breast revision in ChicagoMost breast augmentation patients are very satisfied with their results. Occasionally though, women develop a problem with their implants shortly after surgery, or are unhappy with the implant size. Women may also enter a new stage of life (i.e., motherhood) such that the original implants no longer suit their taste or lifestyle. In those scenarios, old implants can be replaced with a new pair to change or improve the appearance of the breasts and fulfill the patient’s goals.

If you have had breast augmentation and are dissatisfied with your implants, or if the condition or integrity of your implants has deteriorated, Dr. Marco Ellis can address your concerns with breast revision surgery. He will help you find implants that match your goal of beautiful, natural-looking breasts.

Reasons You May Want Breast Revision Surgery

You may decide to pursue breast revision surgery for any the following reasons:

  • After living with your implants for a while, you find that you want a bigger or smaller pair
  • You have developed a rare complication called capsular contracture, in which scar tissue around the implant becomes hard and contracts over the implant
  • One or both of your implants has shifted or migrated out of its original position
  • One or both of your implants has ruptured or is showing noticeable wrinkling or rippling

Treatment Details

Chicago implant correction surgeryDuring the pre-operative planning process, you and Dr. Ellis will select the implant type and size that matches your goals and preferences. Every breast revision procedure is customized, based on the goals of treatment. In general, surgery is performed on an outpatient basis with local or general anesthesia. You can return home the day of the procedure to recover comfortably.

In many cases, the surgery can be performed through the original breast augmentation incisions. If you have developed capsular contracture, the capsule of scar tissue around the current implants may need to be released or excised and a new pocket created for the new implants.

If your breasts have sagged noticeably since your current implants were placed, breast lift may be performed concurrently to reposition your breasts higher on the chest wall.

Recovering from breast revision surgery should be similar to recovering from your primary breast augmentation procedure. Your breasts will be temporarily swollen and/or bruised, and you may have mild to moderate discomfort after surgery. Depending on Dr. Ellis’ instructions, you can resume work approximately one week after surgery, and strenuous activities three to four weeks after surgery.

You will see an initial change or improvement in your breast appearance soon after surgery, with your results continuing to improve. It can take two to three months for your breasts to stabilize into their new or improved appearance.

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If you would like to explore your breast revision options, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Ellis. Call (312) 695-6022 or email us today to set up an appointment.

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