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Cosmetic Surgery for the Nipples & Areolas in Chicago

Nipple surgery in ChicagoThe nipples and areolas (the pigmented skin encircling the nipples) play an important part in the overall appearance of the breasts. When the nipples or areolas are saggy, enlarged, asymmetrical or otherwise irregular, it throws off the entire balance of the breast. Certain nipple irregularities can also cause physical discomfort from rubbing against clothing.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your nipples or areolas, you may benefit from cosmetic surgery to improve their shape, size or position. Our experienced, meticulous plastic surgeon, Dr. Marco Ellis, will customize a surgical plan to your particular concern to produce a more attractive nipple and areola appearance.

Nipple Lift

Nipples that hang low on the breasts or point downward can be corrected through a nipple lift procedure. Repositioning the nipples higher on the breasts will give your chest a more youthful and perky appearance. Nipple lift can also improve the position of nipples that are widely or narrowly set apart.

Usually a part of the breast reduction and breast lift procedure, nipple lift can be performed as a standalone surgery if you are otherwise happy with the size and position of your breasts. Depending on your particular anatomy, nipple lift surgery may be performed on one or both breasts.

Nipple Reduction

Enlarged or hanging nipples are another common nipple-related concern, particularly among women that have breastfed. Prominent or “hypertrophic” nipples may be conspicuous under certain types of clothing, or regularly develop uncomfortable chafing that causes discomfort.

Nipple reduction surgically improves the appearance of prominent nipples so they are rounder, more symmetrical and perkier. Like nipple lift, nipple reduction can be folded into other breast procedures (e.g., breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation), or it can be performed as a separate surgery.

Inverted Nipple Correction

Chicago areola surgeryInverted or retracted nipples lack the normal protrusion and instead fold inward, below the surface of the skin. This causes the appearance of an indentation in the middle of the areola. Inverted nipples may develop early in life or later as a result of breastfeeding (or rarely, changes due to cancer). Sometimes, but not always, inverted nipples can be manually stimulated to protrude.

During inverted nipple correction, the underlying tissue is surgically released. Note that the procedure may interfere with the milk ducts and hinder future breastfeeding; if you wish to breastfeed after surgery, be sure to discuss this with Dr. Ellis during your initial consultation.

Irregular or Asymmetrical Areolas

Areolas that are asymmetrical in diameter or shape, or more oval- or teardrop-shaped than round, can be surgically corrected to produce a more normal appearance. During the procedure, skin adjacent to or within the areolas is removed and the remaining skin is sutured together to improve the areolas’ symmetry and shape.

Learn More about Nipple and Areola Surgery

If you would like to improve the appearance of your nipples and/or areolas, Dr. Ellis can explore your options with you during an in-person consultation. Please call (312) 695-6022 or email today to book an appointment.

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