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Facial Trauma & Fracture Treatment with Dr. Marco Ellis

Facial trauma & fracture treatment in Chicago

Few surgeons in the United States have specialty training and interest in facial injuries. After finishing a plastic surgery residency and participating in craniofacial research at Shriners Hospital, Dr. Marco Ellis completed a fellowship dedicated to facial fracture repair at Shock Trauma Hospital at the University of Maryland. Dr. Ellis has unique expertise in managing a range of fracture patterns involving everything from the forehead to the lower jaw. He provides expert treatment for common fractures such as nasal bone fractures and eye socket/orbit fractures. In addition, Dr. Ellis has experience managing complex pan-facial fractures involving the frontal sinus, midface (naso-orbito-ethmoid area) and lower jaw joint (mandibular condyle).

Types of Trauma and Fractures Dr. Ellis Treats

Dr. Ellis treats patients at all phases of their trauma care, including initial injury after being processed through the Northwestern Emergency Department or delayed presentation after transfer from another hospital. He provides care for patients who have undergone previous surgery but who have developed complications such as asymmetry, contour irregularities or functional problems.

Treatment Details

Depending on the injury pattern, reconstructive surgery may require restoring volume loss, improving existing scars and repositioning facial bones into a more symmetric position. Most procedures are performed in camouflaged locations or through the eyelid or lip to minimize external scars.

Management involves detailed consultation and digital photography. Most patients then undergo a high-resolution CT scan to gain better understanding of any structural damage. Dr. Ellis finally creates an individualized plan relying on features from each patient’s presentation and information collected from 3D-reconstructions of the CT imaging.

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