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Mommy Makeover in Chicago

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy. After having a baby, women will often discover that they have loose skin, stretch marks and sagging or deflated-looking breasts. Board-certified plastic surgeon Marco Ellis, MD performs mommy makeover for women who want to give a boost to their post-pregnancy appearance.

Procedures Included in Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover in ChicagoMommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgeries that is unique to each patient. Women will consult with Dr. Ellis to develop a surgical plan that specifically addresses the areas of the body they would like to modify. The most common procedures include:


Many women find that fat clings to their bodies in ways that it did not prior to their pregnancies. Weight that used to come off easily with diet and exercise is now more resistant to a healthy lifestyle. Liposuction is a highly effective procedure that suctions unwanted fat cells out of problem areas to create nicer body contours.

Tummy Tuck

An expanded, pregnant belly inevitably stretches the skin. Even when the abdomen returns to its normal size, it can leave behind loose, sagging skin. Tummy tuck extracts excess skin so that the remaining skin fits tightly over the abdomen for a toned appearance.

Breast Lift

After breastfeeding, a woman’s breast tissue will usually return to its normal size. Unfortunately, the stretched skin may not snap back into place. That results in breasts that appear to be sagging, with the nipples resting lower than before. Breast lift repositions the breasts to an elevated, younger-looking position.

Breast Augmentation

Breasts lose volume after the period of lactation is complete, with some women finding their breasts are smaller than they were before their pregnancy. Breast augmentation enhances the size of the breasts with implants. This surgery can be combined with breast lift to maximize the effects.

Candidates for Mommy Makeover

Post pregnancy surgery in ChicagoWomen who are dissatisfied with the condition and appearance of their bodies after pregnancy are generally strong candidates for mommy makeover. They should be in good health and have realistic expectations about what plastic surgery can accomplish.

Dr. Ellis encourages women to wait at least six months after giving birth before undergoing plastic surgery. Not only does this allow the body to fully recover from the delivery, it also gives patients the opportunity to naturally lose the weight that has been gained during pregnancy. The body contouring procedures included in mommy makeover are designed to target stubborn pockets of fat. These surgeries will work more effectively the closer a woman is to her goal weight.

If breast procedures are part of the mommy makeover plan, Dr. Ellis further suggests that women wait at least a few months after finishing breast-feeding, so the breasts have dried out of milk and returned to their natural state.

Women who intend to have more children in the future should also postpone mommy makeover. Although the procedures included in mommy makeover will not jeopardize a woman’s ability to get pregnant again, the changes achieved with these surgeries will likely be undone with a subsequent pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover Recovery and Results

On average, women will want to devote a week or two to rest and relaxation before returning to work and their normal routine. The precise timeline may vary depending on the procedures they have selected to be part of their mommy makeover. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least a month as the body continues to heal. Women should wear their compression garments as instructed by Dr. Ellis and take their prescribed pain medication to alleviate any post-surgical discomfort.

It may take several months for the swelling and bruising to subside, but once recovery is complete the results from mommy makeover should be long-lasting. Patients can expect to see the changes achieved from breast procedures to last about a decade, while the body contouring procedures can last a lifetime. If the patient maintains a steady weight, the fat cells removed by liposuction and/or tummy tuck are gone permanently.

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Dr. Ellis is available to help you customize your own mommy makeover experience and achieve amazing surgical results. To discuss the options for restoring your pre-pregnancy body, please call (312) 695-6022 to schedule a consultation.

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