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Changes Dermal Fillers Can Achieve for You

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By now, most people know that dermal fillers are injectable solutions with temporary powers of rejuvenation. What many patients don’t realize, however, is just how versatile fillers are. Chicago’s Dr. Marco Ellis is an expert at injecting fillers for a variety of purposes and outcomes, and he lists several of the best uses for fillers in this post.

Minimizing Wrinkles

Let’s not skip over fillers’ crowning achievement: they do a fantastic job of filling in your wrinkles and lines. The wrinkles on your cheek, the lines on your brow, the bands on your neck and the nasolabial folds (those lines that jut from the corners of your mouth to the nose) can all be drastically reduced with the help of filler. The fillers add volume to these areas and the lines (largely) fade away.

Lip Augmentation

Watch enough video content on social media and it would be hard to miss just how trendy it is to have fuller, plump lips these days. While lipstick helps make your lips more of a focal point, it takes filler to make the lips literally become bigger.

Younger, Less Tired Looking Eyes

Those lines that extend from the outer sides of your eyes may be a typical outcome of aging and sun exposure, but you do not need to accept that crow’s feet are forever part of your face. Filler is generally the most successful way to fill in those lines. Filler also can target the bags that form under your eyes, smoothing them out so you do not look as exhausted as those sunken areas project to the world.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite shows up on parts of your body, especially the thighs and buttocks, along with weight gain. While dermal fillers cannot tackle the weight itself, they can take on your dimpled cellulite pockets, filling it in for a smoother, more sightly appearance.

Liquid Nose Job

Patients do not even need to undergo a surgical rhinoplasty to achieve significant changes in their nose. With some smartly placed injections, your doctor can alter the shape and angle of the nose and even conceal a natural hump on the bridge.

Cover Up Scars

Whether you had a legitimate wound or a bunch of acne pockmarks, the filler’s hyaluronic acid boosts collagen that fights against scar tissue and also raises indentations for smoother skin.

Consult a Professional

Many patients feel overwhelmed when trying to determine which filler type and brand will do the best job for a particular objective, which is why you ought to put yourself in the hands of a doctor with a firm grasp on all the nuances of injectables. No matter your request, Dr. Ellis can recommend the right dermal filler treatment for maximum effect and lasting power.

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