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Different Nipples Surgery, Here’s What Plastic Surgery Can Achieve

different nipples surgery

Breast procedures remain among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, but not all patients who seek different nipples surgery are concerned with the size of the breasts. In fact, many women consult with plastic surgeons to tackle issues they have with their nipples. Dr. Marco Ellis, a premier board-certified surgeon in Chicago, has helped patients to adjust their nipples and areolas (the dark, pigmented circles surrounding the nipples). In this blog, he discusses some of the more common changes he can make.

Elevating the Areola

When breast ptosis (drooping) occurs due to aging, many women decide to have breast lift to raise the position where the breasts rest against the body. With breast lift, loose skin is removed so that the breasts can sit higher on the chest, thereby recreating a younger appearance.

The nipples/areolas are a standard consideration with breast lift surgery. In many cases, Dr. Ellis moves areolas that hang close to the breast crease higher on the breasts. Since nipples also start to point downward with age, Dr. Ellis has the nipples point outward so they look perky.

Reducing Protrusion

Some women have nipples that extend further than the average nipple, which makes them much easier to spot through clothing. To shorten the nipples, Dr. Ellis can delicately remove their tips. Additionally, he can reduce the circumference of wide nipples by removing tissue from the sides.

Shrinking the Areolas

The size of the areolas varies and may change over time. Some women do not enjoy having large areolas. Dr. Ellis can address this issue by placing an incision around the outside of areola and removing some of the pigmented skin so that the areola appears smaller. This same approach can be used to fix asymmetry issues so that the size of the areolas matches.

Addressing Inverted Nipples

Inverted (or retracted) nipples are those that point inward or lie flat against the areola. This problem affects about 10% of women, many of whom want to correct this issue — some for cosmetic reasons and others so that they can breastfeed more easily and without pain. Fortunately, Dr. Ellis can surgically alter the nipple so that it points outward, while still preserving most of its milk ducts.

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Dr. Ellis is a friendly, knowledgeable plastic surgeon with outstanding technique. No matter what concerns you have with your nipples, he would be happy to discuss them with you to work out a solution that leaves you feeling attractive and confident. To schedule a consultation at his Northwestern office, please call (312) 695-6022.