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How to Improve the Proportions of Your Face

Facial Surgery in Chicago

Different cultures hold different traits to be more attractive, but one factor that seems true throughout many cultures is that faces with balanced proportions tend to be viewed as more attractive. As a renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Marco Ellis has a nuanced understanding of what proportions help to make a face look its best, and he uses advanced surgical techniques to achieve this harmony. Some of the procedures he performs to improve facial proportions include:


Due to its size and central location, your nose is often the focal point of your face. Noses that lack proportion may stick out too far or not far enough. Studies have found that the most appealing proportions for the nose are noses that project a length about two-thirds the total length of the nose. Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, is a reliable way for Dr. Ellis to alter the projection and proportions to create facial harmony.

Facial Volumization

Age and genetics can make your facial features less full and prominent, especially over time. One area where a loss of volume is most noticeable is in the cheeks. Attractive, youthful faces often include protruding upper cheeks. The best way to restore volume to this area is with fat transfer. Liposuction is performed on a separate part of the body where fat is in surplus and is then grafted to the cheeks to create an appealing shape. With your own fat cells, you can have the “baby fat” give contours to your face that you have not seen in years.

Chin Surgery

Another area that may look unproportional is around the bottom of the face. If you have a “weak” (recessed) chin that is not in harmony with the extension of your nose, this can disrupt facial harmony. Fortunately, Dr. Ellis has a few ways to augment and extend the projection of the chin: fat transfer, chin implant, dermal fillers, and sliding genioplasty (which cuts and repositions the bone for the most dramatic results).

Ear Surgery

If your ears project more than a couple centimeters from your face, they may be a more prominent feature than you would like. Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, is a straightforward procedure that removes a small amount of skin and cartilage from behind your ears so that they can rest closer to your face.

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