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Unhappy with Your Chin? You Have Options

Chin augmentation in Chicago

Very few people think to list their chin as one of their best assets, but given how many patients Dr. Marco Ellis sees who want to alter their chins, those blessed with a nice chin are definitely taking for granted what kind of role the chin plays in facial attractiveness.

If you believe you have a weak chin or just do not like the chin you see in the mirror, Dr. Ellis offers multiple procedures that can improve that area specifically.

Chin Surgery

For patients who wish their chins would protrude slightly more (at an angle commonly found on most faces) chin surgery, sometimes referred to as genioplasty or mentoplasty, is the most direct solution. To accentuate the chin, Dr. Ellis can add an implant, use fat transfer or even reposition the existing bone to achieve your desired look.

Chin surgery can also be appropriate if you feel your chin protrudes too much. In this case, Dr. Ellis will surgically reduce the chin bone to create a profile that is more proportional to the rest of your face.

Dermal Fillers

While chin surgery will provide you with the most dramatic, longest-lasting results, some of the results can be replicated with dermal fillers. With strategically placed injections, Dr. Ellis can reshape your chin to give you the jawline and profile you seek.

As with any dermal filler treatment, the drawback of course is that the results are temporary, and you will need to return every year or so to maintain the new appearance of your chin. Still, it is a quick and easy treatment that allows you to avoid going under the knife, so it is nice to have the fillers as an option.


Though people most often associate liposuction with taking unwanted fat off areas of the lower body such as the abdomen and thighs, it is also a perfectly safe and successful procedure to use directly on the chin to remove some of the stubborn fat deposits that accumulate there over time.

Liposuction is designed to get rid of the last bits of fat that diet and exercise cannot seem to shake off, so you will see the best results if you have already come close to reaching your goal weight and then use liposuction to contour away a lingering double chin.

Consult with the Expert

The first step toward giving yourself the chin and jawline you have always wanted is to meet with a reputable doctor with a proven track record of improving chins — namely, Dr. Ellis. Schedule a consultation at his Northwestern office to learn more about what he can do for your face by calling (312) 695-6022.