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Where Is Liposuction Most Effective?

Liposuction in Chicago

Although there are now many less invasive fat reduction treatments available on the market, liposuction remains the torchbearer because of how effectively it can remove higher quantities of fat. While the recovery time can be substantial, liposuction is usually the best option if you are serious about permanently toning up your body.

Having performed the surgery on many patients, renowned Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Ellis shares which parts of the body show the best results following liposuction:


Given how easy it seems for weight to amass around your gut, it is fortunate that liposuction works well at pulling flab off the abdomen. The fat cells pulled out during the procedure are gone forever, so, assuming you commit to maintaining a healthy lifestyle thereafter, you can consider that belly fat a thing of the past.


Many patients complain about back rolls that form on the lower half of the back, while others want to get rid of the skin that bulges around a bra on the upper portion of the back. Luckily, both of these areas of the back are good locations for liposuction treatment.


Surely you have seen people who are wildly fit yet still have thick thighs. Some people are just genetically predisposed to collecting fat in this region. If your wellness regimen is not putting a significant enough dent in your thighs, liposuction is a reliable way to reshape your upper legs.

Though lower leg liposuction is somewhat less common of a procedure, it is also successful on parts like calves, the ankles, and fat that accumulates just beneath the knee.


Some people would not dream of wearing a sleeveless outfit due to the flab that sags from the upper arms. Even patients who have undergone a remarkable weight loss journey can find that that is one area that does not seem to want to get toned. In those cases especially, liposuction is a great option to recontour the arms for a more toned appearance.

Chin and Neck

Yes, it is perfectly safe to perform liposuction on the face — it can even be used to help your cheeks become less chubby. More commonly, however, patients seek to get a more svelte neck and reduce the appearance of a double chin, and the results can be amazing.


Whatever the specific areas you are interested in treating, Dr. Ellis would be happy to sit down for a consultation so that he can provide you a realistic assessment on what liposuction can achieve for you. Schedule an appointment at his Northwestern office by calling (312) 695-6022.